balin loogoFounded in 1974 by a couple of local Mornington Peninsula surfers, Balin now has agents and customers all over the world. Pioneers in the creation of urethane legropes, the two partners designed and patented a new moulded end piece that was later to become the standard for nearly all legropes globally.

Today Balin produces a wide range of hardware for surfers and stand up paddle boarders including some gear designed specifically for SUP surfers.

Included in the range are;

  • “the must have” SUP surf leash featuring 10mm urethane chord
  • A unique range of SUP paddle covers
  • Super robust SUP covers

Balin’s full range of SUP hardware is available through Peninsula Stand Up Paddle, Mornington Peninsula’s only dedicated Stand Up Paddle business.

Balin storm leashBalin SUP paddle coverBalin SUP race covers SUP SUP Tour covers