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SUP Winter classic 1.5 K

1.5 K Results


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Results – Sawtooth

Sawtooth results

SWC - 2014 - Sawtoothfacebooktwitter

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Results – 10k

Here are the preliminary results for the downwind event.2014 - Downwind


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How fast can you go on a SUP?

With just a week to go till the Surftech SUP Winter Classic and the wild weather over the last 2 days, I couldn’t help myself. I needed to find out just how fast you can go unassisted on a SUP. Well unassisted from any mechanical device perspective.

The situation wasn’t perfect, by the time I had cleared the desk of the must do items, it was late, the sky was dark and the wind still shifting around, but I had to give it a go anyway. The trade off was do I go up wind further and have a more favorable downwind run angle but this would mean doing a much longer run and risk getting caught out on the bay in the dark doing a solo paddle with the wind gusting over at over 40 knots. The other option was to opt for a near shore run. I opted for the near shore run. This would mean slightly less wind, a bit of hard work to create a true downwind run and heaps of cross shore breaking waves left over from when the northerly wind was howling.

The results were amazing!

While on the water, I knew the wind was strong as at times there was spray coming off the water even in the troughs between the waves, but I felt cocooned from the conditions. This was understandable as I was wearing a full wetsuit, wetsuit hood, gloves and booties. There was something else weird about the paddle. While I felt like I was getting nice long runs, I never had the sensation of dropping into a runner, just periods of unbelievable acceleration.

In fact the paddle didn’t seem to rate compared to some of the downwind paddles we have had lately. All that stood out in my mind was the constant struggle to force a line that would give me at least a little burst of a true downwind run before giving my right side another workout to make it to the arranged pick up spot.  So after racing into a hot shower to warm up I wasn’t in any rush to analyses the data from my Magellan Step Up GPS watch. Finally late today I got to downloading the data and doing a bit of analysis.

Here’s the track

[mapsmarker marker="10"]

The answer

Oh by the way if anyone is interested, the answer is 28.6 km / hour. In all I had heaps of reading above 20km / hour and quite a few over 25km / hr.

If you take a look at the track I took, you can see I had to sacrifice some of the run angle a little to get a true downwind burst at a point just past the half way mark of the paddle.

Here’s a few interesting thoughts and observations;

  • Now I understand why I didn’t have a sensation of dropping into the waves, at times I was actually traveling faster than the waves.
  •  To put that speed into perspective, 28.6 km / hour is around double the speed the likes of Danny Ching, Conner Baxter and the other elites were doing in the much discussed 200 m sprints.
  • Call me a “SUP kook” if you like but give me SUP that I can handle and feel comfortable going out in conditions where I can go twice as fast as when I have to bust my A#@!! in perfect conditions to only go half the speed for at best 200 meters.

Just for the record, here is the wind readings from South channel, next time I hope to be able to time the paddle a little better.

Wind graph of south channle dounig the downwind sup paddlefacebooktwitter

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Sunday Session

We had perfect conditions for our SUP race training session today. No wind and at times a strong headway current, just the right mix of conditions to work skill and paddle fitness.

Take a close look at the track as you will see the session comprised;

  • A warmup
  • Skill work including a big loop around a moored barge
  • Low intensity intervals
  • Active steering drills
  • Moderate intensity intervals focusing on the correct paddle stroke

SUP Race training session ession1Interactive map of the training session

[mapsmarker marker="9"]

Short video of the session


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SUP training on the Sawtooth

The last few days has seen excellent conditions on the Surftech SUP Winter classic course, so we thought we would head out there with some electronic gadgetry to help you get a feel for just how unique this stretch of water is.  Here is the end result of that analysis.

  • Total course length 6.4km
  • Wave zone 4.65km
  • Total distance ridden on waves 1.3km.

For those of you that are more visual take a look at these.

1.3 km of ridable waves onr the 6k sawtooth run

Here is the actual track recorded with a Magellan Switch Up Series wrist GPS.

[mapsmarker marker="8"]

Video Evidence

Just in case you are not convinced that this is real here is a video of the last a ride on wave 5 note the length of time of the ride that goes for a minute and 8 seconds!


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Great training conditions

SundaySUP1Sunday July 13 provided great conditions for a downwind training session for some of the event’s novice competitors.  With a 15 – 20kt WNW wind, we set off from Sullivans Bay near Sorrento for the run to Rye.

For a first taste of downwind conditions, the wind, flowing tide and sunshine provided the best introduction to the fun that is “down winding”.  Everyone made it to Rye successfully – a distance of 6km.

The next training session is Thursday July 17 at 4pm at Blairgowrie, following by another (hopefully) downwind run on Sunday August 20.

To join one of these training sessions call us on 03 59 864 557.


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Sponsor update

We are delighted to welcome some new sponsors for the 2014 event.  Please support our sponsors because they are willing to support the SUP Winter Classic and help make it a great event for all everyone.  So please support our local businesses!

Boathouse Resort Motel:  Situated right in the heart of Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula, Brett and Rachel will ensure a great welcome and a great stay!

Ethical Creations: - is a not for profit distributor (based in Flinders) of the Choclo Project clothing range – ethically made quality clothing from Peru with a personal touch that reaches out and supports the community.

Accent Financial Planning - Sam Hodder: – Mornington based financial planner and adviser who is also a very keen stand up paddler boarder

Olieve and Ollie:  - Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil handcrafted skin care for men and women, produced with love from St Andrews Beach.

The Cups Estate: – A 30 acre property in the renowned “Cups region” of the Mornington Peninsula.  that boasts a Vineyard, Cellar Door, Restaurant and Olive Grove and is open for lunch during winter from Thursday to Sunday.

TravelCounsellors – Jennifer Mikkelsen: – At a time when it’s so easy to organise travel over the Internet, PSUP can highly recommend Jen’s personal touch when it comes to organising travel.


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Training sessions and clinics

SUP Race series - train smarter go faster sup_race1With just four weeks to go before the 2014 Surftech SUP Winter Classic, why not join one of our SUP training sessions to get in some final training tips and techniques.

Each session covers fitness, skills and training techniques.  Places are limited so bookings are essential.


Blairgowrie – adjacent to the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron

Session details:

Depending on wind and weather conditions, the location may change so book in now and we’ll contact you the night before to confirm the location.

  • Thursday afternoons – 4pm – 5.00pm
  • Sunday mornings – 10am – 11am
  • Monday mornings – 10am – 11am


$30 per training session


Contact us by email or call 0448 56 33 39 to book in for these sessions and we’ll contact you the evening before to confirm the session location (if we need to move from Blairgowrie due to wind conditions).


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